One-Day Smile Makeovers

One-Day Smile Makeovers in Goodyear, Arizona

Don't let time stand between you and a beautiful smile.

For many people, the number one thing preventing them from exploring a much-desired smile makeover is time. Every dental appointment requires possibly taking time off from essential activities like work and school, and you may not feel that you can take the time for multiple trips to the dentist for the creation and placement of porcelain veneers. But what if you could walk into our office and leave on the same day with a whole new smile? This is possible with our one-day smile makeovers, which allow us to customize and place your dental veneers in a single day.

First we'll take an impression of your smile and make a stone mold. The mold of your teeth will be used to prep and size your one-day smile makeover ceramic veneers. We want to make sure that your one-day smile makeover looks natural. When your one-hour ceramic veneers look just right, we'll prepare your teeth, removing any enamel that might cause problems with fit. Your veneers will be bonded to your natural teeth, we'll check to make sure dental floss can glide smoothly between your teeth, and you're done. You'll have a completely new smile in just about an hour for a one-day smile makeover.

If you'd like to meet with Dr. Gonzales to discuss your one-day smile makeover, contact G dental studio in Goodyear, Arizona and schedule an appointment. Serving patients from nearby communities including Avondale and Litchfield Park, we offer a spa-like atmosphere, warm and experienced staff, beautiful cosmetic dentistry results, and the convenience of veneers that can be prepped and placed in a single visit. There's nothing stopping you from achieving the smile you want.

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