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General Dentistry for Goodyear, Avondale and Litchfield Park, AZ Families

For a truly beautiful smile, begin with basic dental care from G dental studio.

While Dr. Jose Gonzales is well known for his cosmetic dentistry, no good-looking smile would be complete without total oral healthcare. That's why we offer comprehensive general family dentistry care at our Goodyear, Arizona dental office. From your regular dental checkups and cleanings to more specific care for problems like nighttime teeth grinding, Dr. Gonzales has you and your family covered.

Professional Hygiene and Regular Dental Exams

The general rule of thumb suggested by most dental healthcare professionals is that you visit the dentist once every six months for general family dentistry checkups and hygiene appointments. Doing this often will allow us to spot problems when they first begin to develop and keep your mouth free of the tartar that forms when plaque is left to sit for long periods of time. No one can reach every single spot in his or her mouth; that's where our dental hygiene treatments come in. We can remove plaque, tartar, and bacteria from those hard-to-reach areas and give you tips for better home care. When most people think of the basics of general family dentistry, checkups and cleanings come to mind. These are the building blocks of excellent oral health.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are generally placed on a child's teeth as soon as the permanent adult molars come in. These plastic coatings keep cavity-causing bacteria and debris out of the deep crevices in teeth. While they're not only for children – anyone can have dental sealants placed on his or her teeth for extra cavity protection – they're definitely a must for children, who are more susceptible to dental decay due to lack of experience with home hygiene routines. Because we're a general family dentistry practice in Goodyear, AZ, we offer dental sealants for your kids.

Nightguards for Teeth Grinding

A problem that faces a lot of people, the ada estimates that as much as 95% of the population suffers from nighttime teeth grinding or clenching for at least a period during their lifetime. For some, the problem goes away after a short time. For others, however, the problem is chronic, and it can cause big problems if left untreated. If we find signs of teeth grinding during your general family dentistry appointments, we'll most likely recommend a custom-made nightguard. A nightguard will protect your teeth from the negative effects of teeth grinding. We also suggest anxiety-fighting techniques to help reduce your teeth grinding as well.

When it's time for your next general family dentistry checkup, contact g dental studio for an appointment. We'll gladly help guide you toward optimal oral health, all in the comfort of our spa-like dental office. We invite families from goodyear, avondale, litchfield park, and other nearby arizona communities to visit us for great, gorgeous, and healthy smiles.

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