Crown in Only One Day

Now you can have your new crown in just one day! Cerec crowns allows us to take a digital impression 
of your tooth, using a CAD/CAM imaging software. All we have to do is scan your tooth that needs the crown. 
Dr. Gonzales then designs the perfect crown to fit your smile. He chooses the just the right color for your 
new crown, then the information is sent to our new Cerec Milling machine. You can even watch your crown 
be made right in our office! We can even make veneers, and bridges too!

There is no extra cost in having your crown in one day. The cost is the same as before. The only changes are 
that you only need ONE appointment! No more temporaries, or gooey impression material and setting up a 
second visit for delivery.

Call us NOW @ 623-547-0403 to schedule your appointment to get your new crown today!

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